The Mega Adventure

To mark the end of Simran’s PhD we’re taking a brief hiatus from hectic London life to backpack around Asia for six months; on a journey of self-discovery. Having dusted off the old DofE kit, packed our rucksacks, prodded by countless injections, we are off to Canada (congrats Matt & Robyn), Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar (Burma), Cambodia and Malaysia.

So, of all the magnificent places in the world how did we choose these countries for our mega adventure? Well, both of our families have a long history of military service and our ancestors were stationed in or passed through countries on this route. Unsurprisingly we’ve heard a great deal about these places over the years and thought it was time for us to see them for ourselves. We visited Thailand in 2013, and had the most incredible time discovering it’s intoxicating beauty and delicious cuisine – so much so that we vowed to return (in particular to Bangkok).

Finally, Simran loves climbing mountains but Alexandra is less keen on physical exhaustion. As a compromise, Alexandra will trek with Simran for a week in exchange for a week of dedicated yoga practice from Simran. We’ll let you know who got the worst end of the bargain!